Best English Book For American Idioms: List Of 300 Idioms

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How the book is structured?

Idiom Attack Vol. 1 Everyday Living is a collection of 300 North American idioms on 25 topics that concern everyday living. Each of the 25 topics consists of between 9 and 16 idioms. Moreover, each topic is followed by a four-layer revision process that consists fill in the blank questions, a paragraph story to illustrate idioms from the chapter, questions about the paragraph stories, and finally, questions for discussion to help learners confirm their understanding.

The book contains five sets of chapters, with each set including five topics on a similar theme. Each set ends with a crossword puzzle based on the set’s topics. Additionally, after the illustration of the 300 idioms, a fourteen-page index is provided where all the idioms are alphabetically sorted and accompanied by the page numbers for further reference. Answers to the crossword puzzles are provided at the end of the book.

Editing in the book is exceptional. With over 20 years of experience in teaching English to children & adults in South Korea, Peter Liptak seems to have mastered the correct method for instilling idioms in ESL learners. I appreciate the author’s efforts to ensure that the learner goes through several stages in order to inculcate every idiom. And to this effect, the four somewhat challenging revision process seems apt.

I don’t find any valid point to dislike something in the book.

My Ratings of Idiom Attack Vol. Everyday Living:

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. It has been very useful to me as a student of advanced English as a second language. The book categorizes and gives context to North American idioms, making them easier to understand and remember. The explanation doesn’t seem overwhelming, and all the possible meanings of an idiom are provided with comprehensible & catchy examples.

The Right Audience:

Idiom Attack Vol. 1 Everyday Living is an excellent pick for both intermediate ESL learners proficient in the language in edition (other languages edition is available) and advanced ESL learners, who wish to master English Idioms & sound like a native speaker.

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