Book Review: Bridge To Haven, A book of Love and Trust

Book: Bridge To Haven

Author: Francine Rivers

Genre: Christian fiction, Romantic Suspense

Author Francine Rivers shows her writing talent in her 466-paged novel, Bridge to Haven, by showing how a long novel can stay riveting throughout and not become monotonous & tedious.

Bridge To Haven by Francine Rivers: Summary

The story begins with Reverand Pastor Zeke. He believes God to be an omnipresent power and the ultimate decision-maker and caretaker of everything.

On a cold October morning, while going for his daily early morning walk, he runs across a crying abandoned baby (Abra). Despite the inevitable degradation of his wife Marianne’s health, he gives in to her persistent insistence that they become Abra’s foster parents, understanding this as a divine message. He vows to provide every care for the girl, as a loving father would.

From unconditionally loving Abra to the point of having to give her away with a heavy heart, the non-deliberate act is what sends Abra into solitude. This is further watered by the feeling of not being understood or loved or wanted. Subsequently, it leads her to a reckless decision, which becomes the cause of her great suffering. Her insecurity ultimately lands her fate in an industry that many girls just dream of. But little she knew at what a big price…

My Take On The Novel:                                                               

Following a wrong decision in a callow stage, due to her lack of belief in the love and support from her family and friends, & God, Abra finds herself plunged into a maze of confusion. She is soon far from Haven and in a wild jungle.

The repentance for her misconception and the love for her people, homeland reconcile her to her Haven, revealing, Abra & readers, her real lineage.

Honestly, when I looked at this book in a Book store almost 2 years back, the main reason for picking it was the Book’s attractive cover and scent 😀

I didn’t touch it for a few months, thinking it to be a tedious and highly religious one. But it was way more than that. It captured my mind and thoughts throughout the storyline.

It compelled me to fall in love with the purity and calmness of Zeke and Joshua; adore Mitzi’s buoyancy. One commiserates with Abra’s Dilemma & could resonate with some aspect of each of its characters.

Who Should Read Bridge To Haven:

Bridge to Haven is brimming with spiritual and religious teachings of the Bible and the importance of love and family. It also emphasizes belief in the omnipotent God, & ceaseless faith in his plans for everyone.

Readers not into such conceptions & themes at all could find the piece a boring pick.


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