Is Your Fate Predetermined? Puzzle Of Fate Review

Book Review

What to expect in Puzzle of Fate?

Puzzle Of Fate sets forth several factors and sub-factors which interlink to shape, determine, and engender our future happenings. It tells about those factors whose effects one can counter influence in their life; one can only exercise some free will; the factors on which we control complete will. Writer Dr. Reza Kamarei has recourse to vast information and examples to prove his thesis and put weight on his points.

At the end of the Book, the writer doesn’t leave the reader just to considering the factors that have shaped his fate. Or just wondering the factors he could have prevented from influencing his fate. The Book eventuates to a test for readers, to help them explore their fate, with a chapter devoted to how they can manage, if not pre-decide or control it.

Liked/Disliked Elements in the book:

What I disapprove of in the book is the abundance of overwhelming information on each factor. For the difficulty in assimilating everything without missing a point, one could occasionally lose interest in reading; however, probably the writer also sensed this, for, at the end of each detailed paragraph, a concluding remark summarizing the main points of the paragraph is given.

The summary helps the reader in not only revising the whole paragraph in short, but it also facilitates the reader to go back to each point without having to search through the whole chapter.

Mr ratings: 3/4 stars

POF succeeded in giving me a definite meaning of the word I often used though wasn’t aware of its literal meaning. It compelled my mind to question why I never thought what it could be which shapes our lives.

I wouldn’t give it 4 stars rating for the overwhelming content, which I think could’ve been shortened for readers to assimilate easily.

The right audience:

What have you understood the meaning of fate all your life? If you are not sure how to convey your thoughts on it or have no explicit definition for that matter, the Puzzle Of Fate is worth a read for you.

Puzzle of Fate may challenge some readers on their accepted interpretations of fate and its determinants. But it guarantees a new and never explained take on the ambiguous definition of the universally used term fate.

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