Dolphins Do Not Run Marathons: 26.2 thoughts Against Marathon

Book: Dolphins Don’t Run Marathons

Author: Sam Brand

Genre: Non-Fiction

What to expect in Dolphins Don’t Run Marathons by Sam Brand?

Dolphins Don’t Run Marathons is an epitome of a book that conveys its message with the help of riveting metaphors. The articulation of the idea is short, precise & to the point. The book starts with the explanation of three types of people running a Marathon (the race of life) in the jungle (the world): the human-ant, human-chimpanzee, and human-dolphin.

Describing himself as a human ant, the writer outlines his New York 2008 Marathon. The Marathon where every human ant is competing for one thing: the gold medal, the success goal. Regardless of the physical & mental health deterioration that it can ensue, they are running the race, the long run. Sam Brand, on many occasions, urges the reader to take advice from the human-dolphin friend. To consult the friend that helped him transform into a human dolphin. While the goal of human ant is to achieve the goal medal, the goal of human-dolphin is the ultimate happiness. 

Sam Brand has perfectly employed metaphors to convey his idea about the three human personalities in the world. Words such as jungle, marathon, and long-run, with their ambiguity could initially leave the reader guessing on their contextual use. However, gradually it clarifies the doubt, thus igniting commendation for the writer’s manner of expression.

Most liked/disliked elements in the Book?

The feature of the book that amazed me is the possibility to read the entire book in merely 2 hours! No idea seems redundant, and yet nothing seems to be left out to convey. However, the only flaw in the book I would bring up is the presence of the word ‘sex’ not less than 15 times. In addition to this, the use of a few dirty words could, unfortunately, hinder its path to the children’s shelf.

Dolphins Don’t Run Marathons deserves a 4 on 4 stars rating on my shelf. Being a human-ant runner myself, the book made me ruminate on the idea of the writer. How there are other important things too than just running in the jungle, towards a goal. Moreover, it also advocates the importance of sporting activities which not only revive the health but the quality of life as well.

Recommendation for prospect readers:

However, the Book has mentioned a good amount of times the flaws of the whole concept of the marathon race. The book could thus offend the people associated with it or the people having family members associated with it.

I would recommend this book to every marathon runner running the dead end to get the gold medal. It’s also a great read for people who are fans of short, easy read books with great meaning associated with it: Don’t stop running. Just keep it short doing short runs.

Happy Reading!

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