Book: How To Be Successful

Author: M. Curtis McCoy

Genre: Self-help, nonfiction

What to expect in the Non-fiction?

How To Be Successful is not a book that preaches some magical points for its readers to adapt and benefit from. The book instead wonderfully presents for its readers the stories of some successful people. Moreover, it also highlights the importance of personal and spiritual success.

The book constitutes 27 chapters. While the interviews and separate chapters filled with insights and wisdom collectively work to show someone the way towards becoming a successful businessman,  the same principle could be applied to attain success in personal life.

After being successful at a young age, author M. Curtis McCoy fell victim to Brain Cancer. But what came about later in his life is an inspiration in itself. The doctor tells him that he has very little time left, but he does not give up. He works his guts out to not only beat cancer but also reach his goal.

His trust in God & passion, induced in him by her mother from a young age, drives him out of brain cancer, towards his Cellular Business, and eventually to helping people out through this Book.

Liked/Disliked Elements:

The best part of the book, for me, is the answers to the interview questions, which are inspirational and enjoyable to read.

The interviews are not just some talks about success; they are actual insights into the life of each interviewee, which weren’t as exciting or wonderful in the starting.

The interviewees could have been fewer though since certain questions feel repetitive at some points.

Who Should Read How To Be Successful by M. Curtis McCoy ?

If people have excuses for not starting the ball rolling due to hardship, lack of natural talent, or bad genetics, the book will help them contradict those thoughts.

HTBS is recommended to people struggling to achieve their goals and would like to gain insight into people successful in all aspects of their lives.

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