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Tastes vary from person to person. This also applies to the books they prefer to read. There are some people who enjoy reading literary fictional stories. They love the characters they could relate to, love, and find inspiration in. You also love that endearing feeling of being friends with people across time and space.

While other readers are drawn to inspirational and spiritual non-fictions for constant inspiration. For me, memoirs and biographies are my favorite genres. Whenever I read them, they give the sense that there are other people like us out there who live a life that keeps shifting from one stage to another. Despite this, they have bounced back into a strong unshakeable figure of inspiration.

As a result, I have included a few book reviews for some nonfiction books that I have been reading lately.

1. Book: Towards Happier Choice

By: Michael Oborn

Genre: Nonfiction, Memoir, Inspirational

Towards Happier Choices shows how being vehemently opposed to fundamentalism has many consequences. It costs people in different ways. A lot of things are in play, such as relationships, happiness, and a sense of belonging. . It is significant and necessary, however, to be able to dream, make choices, and form opinions about life for oneself.

I find the memoir to be eventful and gripping, and it prompted many questions in my mind. A great deal of sarcasm and criticism is directed to many Mormon religious practices in the stories.

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2. Book: LastWords From Above

By: Jeremy Brown

Genre: Non-fiction, Religious

Last words from above

The book structure of Last Words From Above is somewhat tedious, but for those who desire contemplation, this is a good choice. The book is intended specifically for Christians, but non-Christians might also benefit from it in many ways. I don’t think this book is very useful or interesting for atheists. The presentation is meant for those who are willing to trust in the power of God or believe in God.

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3. Book: The Most Unlikely Champion

By: Vera Koo

Genre: Non-fiction, Inpirational, Memoir

In this book, a Chinese-American Vera Koo chronicles her turbulent and challenging journey. By demonstrating her endurance and willpower, she demonstrates that age is no barrier. In an industry dominated by a predominantly male presence, Vera Koo is breaking through the boundaries of tradition.

This book is for people who are seeking a way out of their challenges to fulfill their dreams. The Most Unlikely Champion will be an excellent motivational tool for such people.

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In each of these, I have endeavored to be as sincere and honest as possible. I hope you will get inspired by them and find rays of hopeful beams in some way or other.

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