Interview with one of the Top Indian Book Bloggers(2021):

Khyati Gautam

Meet Khyati Gautam, a 23-year-old from Bhopal, marking a position among the Top 100 Book Review Blogs & Websites in 2021 with her Book Review Blog Bookish Fame.

Let’s get a panoramic view of her Blogging Journey:

1.You are quite young, & have made a place among the top 100 Book Bloggers. How long did it take you to reach this position? Tell us about your story?  

Bookish Fame began its journey in late 2016, or more appropriately, early 2017. It all started with a chance encounter with a friend who was into reviewing books. As the conversations flowed, I got more information about this up and coming industry. So quick I was to get my hands on books that I went ahead and started this blog. And, as the years rolled by, both of us have evolved together. Being counted amongst the top 100 surely gives the much-needed rush. I trust the Universe; there’s a long way to go.

2.What’s the story behind naming your blog Bookish Fame?

Bookish Fame just sounds like the thing that gets on your mind quickly. I came up with this name at the spur of the moment. I usually explain it as – my personality is so much ‘bookish’ while my first name Khyati means ‘fame.’ And, hence the name of the blog.

Also, I think all the small sets of achievements I have in my kitty are because of my involvement in book blogging. I wouldn’t be a part of this interview if not for my book blog!

3.Few tips for Book Bloggers who are starting on their Book Blogging journey?

You are a reader, first, and then, a book blogger. Blogging asks for patience and dedication. Even if you are passionate about it, you need to keep a check on your nerves for hanging in there. 

Besides this, the amount of hard work that goes into blogging might take a toll on one’s reading. In such times, relax and unwind. Read as much as you want or don’t read at all. Keep everything more fun because you have got this 🙂

4.How did you get into reading? (Your first read, other than the academic Books)

I have been into reading since my childhood. That has been my only way to bide my time wherever I went.

I don’t remember my first read.

5.Your favorite Genre(s)?

Self help, Spirituality, Business, Literary Fiction

6.A Book you wish you had written: 


7.Would you rather meet your favourite author or favourite character? (Can we get a hint as to the name?) 

Favourite authors – Ruskin Bond and Sudha Murty

8.The Book that wins the top position in your Favourite reads and why?

Tuesdays with Morrie because it teaches one to live life. The art of living is something we all should learn and master.

9.I observed in your blog that you wish to write a book someday; What would your Book be about? 

It would most probably be revolving around mental health. It is a topic that either becomes a taboo or a hype. I don’t exactly agree with all the conversations brewing around this subject. There’s a lot of depth and so many nuances waiting to be covered. The need is to dwell deeper and make healthy discussions around the topic.

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