IRONING Book Review: Factual Reality Through Fictional Stories

Book: Ironing

Author: Navajo

Genre: Fiction

What Ironing is about?

Ironing is a sundry collection of short stories of ordinary people of different age groups, backgrounds, & even cultural values. There is some connection between all these stories in that their setting is the same, i.e., London. The other aspect that brings about a link between the stories is the acquaintance between their characters.

Each story betrays in humans the natural tendency to be loving, selfish, anxious, kind, capricious, & incredible. They also show the human tendency to be slinking back and forth with these aspects. All the stories absolutely revolve around human & their dilemmas; caprice; transitory moods, the mere essence of being a human.

As the name suggests, Ironing is indeed full of irony, which ascribes to momentarily bringing smiles over reading. The author’s employment of ironies in the book instills incredulity in readers about human nature. In an instance, the statement of a Muslim father on her daughter’s marrying a white boy Roger, & calling him not a ‘proper white’ because he isn’t culturally one of them betrays the comical yet serious irony.

Liked/Disliked Elements in the book:

The aspects of the book that I enjoyed & looked forward to were ironies, and the casual conversations between the three girls reflecting the genuine talks between teenagers, who are social media freaks, love experts, gossips lovers, precocious, & a lot of times, impulsive & immature.

Although there were only a few stories that I found exciting & striking, it might not be the case for every reader. And though I liked the ideas presented by the writer, there also seemed to be a loose link between various stories.

The language in the story is bold, with a lot of offensive words & swearing. There is a scene of explosion & the explanation of the aftermath, which could be uncomfortable for some readers.

The book also shows a facet of cultural restrictions to a Muslim girl when she has to remove her headscarf to protect her friend. “It’s not covered, but at least it isn’t enticing”, is what the girl comments, which could be offensive to people belonging to that section of the society.

Ironing strictly exposes the negative side of dating apps, the mentality of people, the harsh realities &pains in the contemporary world. It presents, through fictional stories, the factual reality.

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