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Is Your Fate Predetermined? Puzzle Of Fate Review

Book Review

What to expect in Puzzle of Fate?

Puzzle Of Fate sets forth several factors and sub-factors which interlink to shape, determine, and engender our future happenings. It tells about those factors whose effects one can counter influence in their life; one can only exercise some free will; the factors on which we control complete will. Writer Dr. Reza Kamarei has recourse to vast information and examples to prove his thesis and put weight on his points.

At the end of the Book, the writer doesn’t leave the reader just to considering the factors that have shaped his fate. Or just wondering the factors he could have prevented from influencing his fate. The Book eventuates to a test for readers, to help them explore their fate, with a chapter devoted to how they can manage, if not pre-decide or control it.

Liked/Disliked Elements in the book:

What I disapprove of in the book is the abundance of overwhelming information on each factor. For the difficulty in assimilating everything without missing a point, one could occasionally lose interest in reading; however, probably the writer also sensed this, for, at the end of each detailed paragraph, a concluding remark summarizing the main points of the paragraph is given.

The summary helps the reader in not only revising the whole paragraph in short, but it also facilitates the reader to go back to each point without having to search through the whole chapter.

Mr ratings: 3/4 stars

POF succeeded in giving me a definite meaning of the word I often used though wasn’t aware of its literal meaning. It compelled my mind to question why I never thought what it could be which shapes our lives.

I wouldn’t give it 4 stars rating for the overwhelming content, which I think could’ve been shortened for readers to assimilate easily.

The right audience:

What have you understood the meaning of fate all your life? If you are not sure how to convey your thoughts on it or have no explicit definition for that matter, the Puzzle Of Fate is worth a read for you.

Puzzle of Fate may challenge some readers on their accepted interpretations of fate and its determinants. But it guarantees a new and never explained take on the ambiguous definition of the universally used term fate.

Dolphins Do Not Run Marathons: 26.2 thoughts Against Marathon

Book: Dolphins Don’t Run Marathons

Author: Sam Brand

Genre: Non-Fiction

What to expect in Dolphins Don’t Run Marathons by Sam Brand?

Dolphins Don’t Run Marathons is an epitome of a book that conveys its message with the help of riveting metaphors. The articulation of the idea is short, precise & to the point. The book starts with the explanation of three types of people running a Marathon (the race of life) in the jungle (the world): the human-ant, human-chimpanzee, and human-dolphin.

Describing himself as a human ant, the writer outlines his New York 2008 Marathon. The Marathon where every human ant is competing for one thing: the gold medal, the success goal. Regardless of the physical & mental health deterioration that it can ensue, they are running the race, the long run. Sam Brand, on many occasions, urges the reader to take advice from the human-dolphin friend. To consult the friend that helped him transform into a human dolphin. While the goal of human ant is to achieve the goal medal, the goal of human-dolphin is the ultimate happiness. 

Sam Brand has perfectly employed metaphors to convey his idea about the three human personalities in the world. Words such as jungle, marathon, and long-run, with their ambiguity could initially leave the reader guessing on their contextual use. However, gradually it clarifies the doubt, thus igniting commendation for the writer’s manner of expression.

Most liked/disliked elements in the Book?

The feature of the book that amazed me is the possibility to read the entire book in merely 2 hours! No idea seems redundant, and yet nothing seems to be left out to convey. However, the only flaw in the book I would bring up is the presence of the word ‘sex’ not less than 15 times. In addition to this, the use of a few dirty words could, unfortunately, hinder its path to the children’s shelf.

Dolphins Don’t Run Marathons deserves a 4 on 4 stars rating on my shelf. Being a human-ant runner myself, the book made me ruminate on the idea of the writer. How there are other important things too than just running in the jungle, towards a goal. Moreover, it also advocates the importance of sporting activities which not only revive the health but the quality of life as well.

Recommendation for prospect readers:

However, the Book has mentioned a good amount of times the flaws of the whole concept of the marathon race. The book could thus offend the people associated with it or the people having family members associated with it.

I would recommend this book to every marathon runner running the dead end to get the gold medal. It’s also a great read for people who are fans of short, easy read books with great meaning associated with it: Don’t stop running. Just keep it short doing short runs.

Happy Reading!

Book Review Of The White Tiger

The White Tiger Novel

The debut novel The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga won the prestigious literary award ‘The Man Booker Prize’ in 2008. The Book’s also been adapted into a movie lately, starring Priyanka Chopra & Rajkumar Rao.

What would’ve made the novel won the distinguished title? Was it even worth it? Apart from these questions, there were other few questions too that exhorted me to pick this literary piece up.

Does only revealing the hard-boiled realities of a country like India render the Book The Man Booker Prize? Or is it making people stumble upon the uncomfortable ignored truths they have known for centuries by presenting them in a literary piece? Let’s get into what the Book presents for its readers-


The Novel ‘The White Tiger’ is an epistolary novel. The letter addresses the Chinese President who is soon to visit India to hear the success story of its Entrepreneurs.

The writer of the letter, Balram, recalls in the letter his challenging, thrilling, and blood-curling journey. A journey from a local village Boy to a successful Entrepreneur, A WHITE TIGER born once in a while. As a child, Balram isn’t only bereft of the basic necessities of life- proper schooling & guidance but also his identity, a name.

He resolves to not step in the footsteps of his fellow Village men & live an impoverished life forever. To this end, Balram pulls all the stops out in learning to drive and getting himself employed somewhere. His efforts pay him off and his fate gets him a kind-heartened son of a dishonest and cruel landlord.

A uniform of his own, a piece of cloth enough to elicit reverence in the people of his village, renders Balram content. There is absolute satisfaction in driving the composed Vikram Saheb & his madam to places. A kind-heartened owner, the driver of an ‘air-conditioned’ car is all he could ever wish for. What happens then which crushes Balram’s scruples and implores him to commit a horrendous action? And obliges him to the crime of A BRUTAL MURDER- is what the story takes to the reader.


While describing the two economically divided classes of the oppressed and the oppressor, another important social issue is also there. The exposed corruption and power-sickness of the politicians are visible throughout the story; the power of the rich to even buy the lives of the poor, with the latter’s helplessness to market themselves!

We see the pretend of the generosity by the potent & the forlorn hope of the perpetually hopeful poor to get their basic rights & acknowledgment.

It successfully uproots and stands bare the shrewd and self-centered affluent society. Also, what leaves a reader in awe is the eloquent writing style of Aravind Adiga. A reader finds himself flowing through the plot with ease, anticipating the journey of the protagonist. In the end, the reader cannot help but praise the writer’s ability to put forward such grave issues & still getting successful in bringing in the comedy with his mordant wit. 


I recommend ‘The White Tiger’ to anyone who is in seek of a highly compelling masterpiece. It unveils & ridiculously exposes the dark truths hidden behind the walls of Power and Money. It alleviates the reader from merely conjecturing on the causes of darkness in the dark areas of the country to actually confirming their hidden speculation.

To be sure, a commendable job on the writer’s part! With each paragraph being imbibed, the writer’s objective to stir several emotions in readers gets successful.

Going through the plot, sentiments such as incredulity, anger, grief are all perceived by the readers. There are also many moments for a chuckle. Eventually, the contemplation on the seriousness of the matters by the reader is also achieved.

Happy Reading!:)

Bring Magic To Your Life With Harry Potter Books: Review





No. Of Books: 7

Genre: Fantasy Fiction, Drama, Young adult fiction, Mystery, Thriller

The Right Age To Read:

When a child starts comprehending stories till got bored re-reading it over the years..

Can Adults like it too?: I read the series after I completed my schooling (& probably gonna re-read it under the pretext of reading it to my grand-children)😀

Claim to have changed the lives of many people, the Harry Potter Books by JK Rowling isn’t an unmarked piece now. The 7 Magical Book series has also been adapted into movies.

Ever since the 1st Book came out almost 20 yrs back, its fame is continually blooming. What makes it the most astonishing piece in terms of its popularity is the age difference between the various ‘potter heads’. Harry Potter Series has enchanted its readers ranging from an 8 yr old to their parents! It first takes the readers into a world of an eleven years old boy who is prey to a lonesome childhood, bullyism, reproach, and of course, uncertainty.

The Magical series gradually recounts Harry’s fascinating journey into a magical world of wizardry and witchcraft. Moreover, it presents us with wonderful lessons & quotes throughout its plot & the characters.


“Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.”Luna Lovegood

“But you know, happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light”Albus Dumbledore.

“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” Albus Dumbledore

Harry Potter Series Plot Summary:

The story opens with some mysterious-looking people leaving a baby at a doorstep. The baby is claimed to be a Hero of their word. However, only for the readers to find him 11 yrs later in a miserable condition under his uncle and aunt’s roof.

The plot gradually takes the reader to bizarre activities taking place around Harry. His identity-‘YER A WIZARD, HARRY’ in Book 1 only accentuates the excitement & anticipation of the reader. The revelation of his identity places him into a world that not only accepts him but admires him.

Why? Because he is the one who saved the magical world (when just a baby) from the Darkest wizard ever (who must not be named).

The Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardly also finds Harry his lifetime friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. But most importantly, a family he never had. Moreover, he finds his greatest mentor and the biggest wizard of his time- the nonchalant Albus Dumbledore. The story, going through the 7 Books gradually reveals Harry’s  Ultimate fate; the fate connected with the strongest dark wizard, Voldemort.

Voldemort, the killer of his Auror parents (Dark Wizard catchers); the giver of Harry’s scar in the shape of a lightning bolt and snatcher of his love of family; & most importantly, the sole reason for which he was kept away from the world he belonged: the Magical World…

Magical Delights Throughout The Books!

Hogwarts Map

It’s a challenge to mention in an article all the magical delights & fun in Hogwarts throughout the 7 Magical Series. The exciting Quidditch matches, Triwizard tournament, escapades of the Trio, pranks of twin Weasley brothers, School ghosts arrival; the Hogwarts feast, Hogsmeade visits, the Butterbeer shop, Bertie Botts every flavored bean (including the ear waxed and spinach flavor)…

There are Time-Turners, House-elves, Love Potions & what not!! (And I am sure to have forgotten to mention a dozen more delights!:) ). Occasionally, all these magical delights seem to get overshadowed by the dark magic and Voldemort supporters. They try every bit to kick Harry and all the peace and fun out of the plot; however, eventually, their malicious attempts get overpowered by the emotion Voldemort and his supporters, the death eaters lack- LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP.

Final Views on Harry Potter Book Series:

I Wouldn’t lie, I am still indignant (like many others) for the destruction of some of my favorite characters. Also, not getting to see the ultimate love angle between characters that I and so many wished to was another pain. However, we shouldn’t forget the 99 good things done just because of one thing not done;)

Harry Potter Books stand up to this quote by Oscar Wilde- “If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all“. My reading habit & love of Books imputes to this Magical Series.

I owe the series all the fun I have had exploring the fantasy lands through Books! And yes, it yet captures the top position in the list of my favorite books. Whether you are already a bibliophile or want to take your step towards the Book realm, there can’t be anything better to start your journey with.

Who Should Read The Harry Potter Fantasy Series?

Ha! Everyone!!

The debate over Books VS Movies seems a perpetual one now. I had first watched the movie series & thought that what extra could there be in Books everyone seems to be so gaga over!? But then, If I hadn’t read this book series, I would never have become a ‘potter head’. There is so much more in the Books than there is in movies. Moreover, I’m quite adamant that the enchanting power of words lets one perceive things a bit more explicitly than could be done in movies.

The themes of friendship, love, persistence are all that the story preaches to the readers. Also, to never stop finding a ray of hope in the darkness is advocated.

Get ready to embark on this journey only if you have the audacity to accept the fact that it’s not likely to get a Hogwarts letter if you are 11+ ( I have been waiting for mine for almost a decade now). However, it’s advised to readers below 11 years to never lose their hope. Readers might get agitated over the demise of some of their loved characters. Maybe that was what JK Rowling wanted to say: THE RAYS OF LIGHT PENETRATE INTO THE DARKROOM ONLY THROUGH A CRACK 🙂

Happy Reading 🙂