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Exclusive Guide On Easter Eggs, 200 Ideas: Book Review

Easter Eggs

What Eggstravagant Easter Eggs is all about?

Eggstravagant Easter Eggs is a collection of 200 ideas, techniques, and designs that offer some pretty, if not extravagant, guidelines on how to make Easter eggs. Initially, the guide looks at the purpose of celebrating Easter and different ways to display Easter eggs. It further proceeds to the author Maya Elston’s preferred method for celebrating Easter & decorating Easter eggs. An introduction to the objective of Eggstravagant Easter Eggs is also added.

With 17 sections, the 1st section of the book provides readers with tips on how to choose appropriate eggs for their Easter celebration. There is a description of all types of eggs used for Easter eggs, along with their benefits and disadvantages. In the following section comes a detailed description of tools and equipment one may need to make any of the 200 Easter eggs in the book.

Throughout the book, there are fourteen categories encompassing all 200 ideas for creating and decorating eggs, with each category including eggs on a similar theme, except for section 17, which presents some random ideas to begin a new series.

Liked/Disliked Elements:

I appreciate the efforts Maya Elston put into providing an extensive guide on gorgeous eggs. She attempts to mention potential mistakes one might make while creating the eggs. The presentation of lavish and beautiful eggs was also a point of interest for me in the book.

The low readability score, however, is probably the only thing that disappoints me. To make the explanation easier, the procedure for making and decorating eggs might have been presented in shorter paragraphs, or points.

My Ratings:

The book gets 3 out of 4 stars from me. From simple and easy to complex and laborious, it’s a rigorous collection of inventive ideas & techniques for creating Easter eggs. Alternatives to expensive decorative items are provided. To facilitate comprehension, images of eggs from different angles are provided for laborious egg designs. Furthermore, the author has provided a list of all items she used to decorate her Easter eggs.

I found a lack of clarity in the procedures for some Easter eggs. The lack of brevity and clarity in several areas of the book made me snatch a full starts rating from it.

The audience for Eggstravagant Easter Eggs :

It is an excellent option for people who desire extensive do-it-yourself Easter eggs from beginner to advanced level. Though the eggs in the book can be prepared together with children, parent supervision is required.