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IRONING Book Review: Factual Reality Through Fictional Stories

Book: Ironing

Author: Navajo

Genre: Fiction

What Ironing is about?

Ironing is a sundry collection of short stories of ordinary people of different age groups, backgrounds, & even cultural values. There is some connection between all these stories in that their setting is the same, i.e., London. The other aspect that brings about a link between the stories is the acquaintance between their characters.

Each story betrays in humans the natural tendency to be loving, selfish, anxious, kind, capricious, & incredible. They also show the human tendency to be slinking back and forth with these aspects. All the stories absolutely revolve around human & their dilemmas; caprice; transitory moods, the mere essence of being a human.

As the name suggests, Ironing is indeed full of irony, which ascribes to momentarily bringing smiles over reading. The author’s employment of ironies in the book instills incredulity in readers about human nature. In an instance, the statement of a Muslim father on her daughter’s marrying a white boy Roger, & calling him not a ‘proper white’ because he isn’t culturally one of them betrays the comical yet serious irony.

Liked/Disliked Elements in the book:

The aspects of the book that I enjoyed & looked forward to were ironies, and the casual conversations between the three girls reflecting the genuine talks between teenagers, who are social media freaks, love experts, gossips lovers, precocious, & a lot of times, impulsive & immature.

Although there were only a few stories that I found exciting & striking, it might not be the case for every reader. And though I liked the ideas presented by the writer, there also seemed to be a loose link between various stories.

The language in the story is bold, with a lot of offensive words & swearing. There is a scene of explosion & the explanation of the aftermath, which could be uncomfortable for some readers.

The book also shows a facet of cultural restrictions to a Muslim girl when she has to remove her headscarf to protect her friend. “It’s not covered, but at least it isn’t enticing”, is what the girl comments, which could be offensive to people belonging to that section of the society.

Ironing strictly exposes the negative side of dating apps, the mentality of people, the harsh realities &pains in the contemporary world. It presents, through fictional stories, the factual reality.

Book Review: Bridge To Haven, A book of Love and Trust

Book: Bridge To Haven

Author: Francine Rivers

Genre: Christian fiction, Romantic Suspense

Author Francine Rivers shows her writing talent in her 466-paged novel, Bridge to Haven, by showing how a long novel can stay riveting throughout and not become monotonous & tedious.

Bridge To Haven by Francine Rivers: Summary

The story begins with Reverand Pastor Zeke. He believes God to be an omnipresent power and the ultimate decision-maker and caretaker of everything.

On a cold October morning, while going for his daily early morning walk, he runs across a crying abandoned baby (Abra). Despite the inevitable degradation of his wife Marianne’s health, he gives in to her persistent insistence that they become Abra’s foster parents, understanding this as a divine message. He vows to provide every care for the girl, as a loving father would.

From unconditionally loving Abra to the point of having to give her away with a heavy heart, the non-deliberate act is what sends Abra into solitude. This is further watered by the feeling of not being understood or loved or wanted. Subsequently, it leads her to a reckless decision, which becomes the cause of her great suffering. Her insecurity ultimately lands her fate in an industry that many girls just dream of. But little she knew at what a big price…

My Take On The Novel:                                                               

Following a wrong decision in a callow stage, due to her lack of belief in the love and support from her family and friends, & God, Abra finds herself plunged into a maze of confusion. She is soon far from Haven and in a wild jungle.

The repentance for her misconception and the love for her people, homeland reconcile her to her Haven, revealing, Abra & readers, her real lineage.

Honestly, when I looked at this book in a Book store almost 2 years back, the main reason for picking it was the Book’s attractive cover and scent 😀

I didn’t touch it for a few months, thinking it to be a tedious and highly religious one. But it was way more than that. It captured my mind and thoughts throughout the storyline.

It compelled me to fall in love with the purity and calmness of Zeke and Joshua; adore Mitzi’s buoyancy. One commiserates with Abra’s Dilemma & could resonate with some aspect of each of its characters.

Who Should Read Bridge To Haven:

Bridge to Haven is brimming with spiritual and religious teachings of the Bible and the importance of love and family. It also emphasizes belief in the omnipotent God, & ceaseless faith in his plans for everyone.

Readers not into such conceptions & themes at all could find the piece a boring pick.


Book Review Of The White Tiger

The White Tiger Novel

The debut novel The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga won the prestigious literary award ‘The Man Booker Prize’ in 2008. The Book’s also been adapted into a movie lately, starring Priyanka Chopra & Rajkumar Rao.

What would’ve made the novel won the distinguished title? Was it even worth it? Apart from these questions, there were other few questions too that exhorted me to pick this literary piece up.

Does only revealing the hard-boiled realities of a country like India render the Book The Man Booker Prize? Or is it making people stumble upon the uncomfortable ignored truths they have known for centuries by presenting them in a literary piece? Let’s get into what the Book presents for its readers-


The Novel ‘The White Tiger’ is an epistolary novel. The letter addresses the Chinese President who is soon to visit India to hear the success story of its Entrepreneurs.

The writer of the letter, Balram, recalls in the letter his challenging, thrilling, and blood-curling journey. A journey from a local village Boy to a successful Entrepreneur, A WHITE TIGER born once in a while. As a child, Balram isn’t only bereft of the basic necessities of life- proper schooling & guidance but also his identity, a name.

He resolves to not step in the footsteps of his fellow Village men & live an impoverished life forever. To this end, Balram pulls all the stops out in learning to drive and getting himself employed somewhere. His efforts pay him off and his fate gets him a kind-heartened son of a dishonest and cruel landlord.

A uniform of his own, a piece of cloth enough to elicit reverence in the people of his village, renders Balram content. There is absolute satisfaction in driving the composed Vikram Saheb & his madam to places. A kind-heartened owner, the driver of an ‘air-conditioned’ car is all he could ever wish for. What happens then which crushes Balram’s scruples and implores him to commit a horrendous action? And obliges him to the crime of A BRUTAL MURDER- is what the story takes to the reader.


While describing the two economically divided classes of the oppressed and the oppressor, another important social issue is also there. The exposed corruption and power-sickness of the politicians are visible throughout the story; the power of the rich to even buy the lives of the poor, with the latter’s helplessness to market themselves!

We see the pretend of the generosity by the potent & the forlorn hope of the perpetually hopeful poor to get their basic rights & acknowledgment.

It successfully uproots and stands bare the shrewd and self-centered affluent society. Also, what leaves a reader in awe is the eloquent writing style of Aravind Adiga. A reader finds himself flowing through the plot with ease, anticipating the journey of the protagonist. In the end, the reader cannot help but praise the writer’s ability to put forward such grave issues & still getting successful in bringing in the comedy with his mordant wit. 


I recommend ‘The White Tiger’ to anyone who is in seek of a highly compelling masterpiece. It unveils & ridiculously exposes the dark truths hidden behind the walls of Power and Money. It alleviates the reader from merely conjecturing on the causes of darkness in the dark areas of the country to actually confirming their hidden speculation.

To be sure, a commendable job on the writer’s part! With each paragraph being imbibed, the writer’s objective to stir several emotions in readers gets successful.

Going through the plot, sentiments such as incredulity, anger, grief are all perceived by the readers. There are also many moments for a chuckle. Eventually, the contemplation on the seriousness of the matters by the reader is also achieved.

Happy Reading!:)