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Book Review: Wellness Toolbox Master, the Guide to fitness

Wellness Toolbox Master

Book: Wellness Toolbox Master

By: Don Roberts

Genre: Health Non-fiction

Wellness Toolbox Master Summary:

Four sections comprise Wellness Toolbox Master.

The first section begins with a collection of fitness myths and facts. This is followed by tips, reminders, and home/travel workouts by the author and Fitness and Nutrition Specialist Don Roberts. The second section features the author’s client’s before-and-after photos and a description of their transformation journey. This section also includes the author’s bodybuilding photos. Don Roberts’ personal pantry list, his tips for consuming less food, food pyramid, and nutritional tips follow in section three. Listed in section four are other health myths and facts, followed by suggested resources by the author.

From time to time, “A Don Story” is included in between the chapters. The myths, facts, tips, advice, and stories are all accompanied by a quote or proverb from an unknown or famous personality. Most of the points are followed by cartoon illustrations that illustrate the preceding idea. There is also a list of recommended books and films provided to assist the reader in achieving overall wellness.

Liked/Disliked elements:

The book is exceptionally edited. The writer took care not to make any topic monotonous when debunking all myths and providing facts. A full explanation of each topic is provided in a concise format.

I enjoyed the intriguing topic on the relation between a person’s mood and his craving for a certain type of food. I also like the fact that each myth and fact is not just a hollow assertion. The author relies on studies and research to support the assertions.

After reading many instilled myths being debunked in the book, I am still skeptical about a few points. However, I have no particular reason to dislike anything in the book.

My ratings:

I give Wellness Toolbox Master a rating of 4 out of 4 stars. At no point does the information seem overwhelming. The cartoon illustrations are enjoyable. Different types of exercises are addressed, along with their advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, the section on nutritional tips contains a wealth of information. This also includes the benefits and side effects of each food mentioned. The book concludes with references that help alleviate, if not completely, any skepticism on the part of readers.

For readers:

In the book, several energy drinks are slammed as the worst on the market. This could offend such beverage companies if they are still in existence.

For fitness enthusiasts looking for a trusted guide in the form of a book, Wellness Toolbox Master is a good option. As a motivational injection for lazy, unmotivated people who need guidance, it is also a powerful means of getting motivated.