Why Books VS Movies? And Not Their Blend!

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Books VS Movies? Would you choose to watch a movie over reading a book on a Story? If the question is asked to a group containing 100 people, it’s likely to get a fifty-fifty answer. There is no denying the truth that a movie based on a book offers visual & sound graphics. It fulfills the necessity of providing pictures of the setting, the demeanor & the countenance of the characters. Above all, movies also help express the sublimities of thoughts by the alluring scenes. All these aspects are undoubtedly the advantages to readers that enhance apprehension, sensibility,& delight on the spectator’s side.

But what, If I say books help one perceive the situations more than can ever be done in watching; or that books let the imagination of the reader to penetrate through the possible boundaries of the an-already-provided scene; and that, as to the countenance of the characters, one could mold them in accord with the possibilities that the situation provides. (Don’t like the look of pride in Mr. Darcy’s eyes? Blend it with a look of uneasiness caused in a company of total strangers!).


  If I were to answer this question, I would have scruples as to which one I would prefer, as, for me, it’s kind of a blend of both. Yes! When I decide to pick on a book that has already been adapted into a movie or series, I take the advantage of both the medium! I read a few pages of the book and revert back to the movie to ONLY get the basic ideas; ideas about the plot setting & character’s demeanor to keep in mind while reading the book. Not only does it provide the background picture of the plot but, it also enhances the delight by the familiarity with the character’s traits.

So, for example, I watched the Harry Potter series when I was around 10. I couldn’t follow the method that I now do with the books which have already been adapted into movies. Anyway, when I read the book series, I hadn’t watched the movie series for a few years now. So, the settings & faces of the characters were still afresh in my mind, but not explicit. I knew the setting of the plot, Harry’s green eyes (or were they blue in the movies?), Hermione’s bushy & Ron’s orange-colored hair & so on. Imagine how it would be to read about Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & wizardry, without having seen the Hogwarts’ magnificent building beforehand!! Or how funny it could get to imagine someone’s FLYING on a broom, without having watched Harry’s riding on it, aesthetically.


So when I read the book, with every setting in mind (WOAHH!!), I was penetrating through the walls of restriction and perceiving a lot more than what the movies could ever have empowered me to perceive! I agree & acknowledge that it can’t be possible in a movie to incorporate every line present in the book. Anyway, not unless it takes a few decades, a truckload of money on producers, years of actor’s commitment to a movie, and maybe a lot more conditions to fulfill. Consequently, the details of the plots present in movies aren’t even half of what books accumulate in its pages. So if one requires every minute details of what-how-why in the story, books are always rendered better companions.

Imagine a movie scene that presents the geographical setting in Gardner. The lovers are about to reveal their feelings for each other. There is just a Gardner with beautiful grass and maybe a pretty fountain in the middle of it. Now, let your mind explore the other possible beauties that could fill the scene. Maybe a view of the horizon, the sunkissed pretty face of the girl. And coinciding with this love revelation is the scene of a male dove’s proposal to a female dove, instrumenting its white feather as if asking the female to embrace him…

Okay, maybe too cringe for someone:D, but you may have got the point.


The opinion regarding what should be the preferred way of consuming a story is altogether subjective. It totally depends on individual choice as to which method they prefer to assimilate the story. While some may try to squeeze in whatever time they could for reading, the busy-life of this era can’t make it possible for everyone to invest in reading. In leisure time, while some may prefer watching Netflix or catching up with friends, bibliophiles may excuse themselves to complete the last chapter of the book.

What matters is the ultimate delight, whichever may the medium be 🙂

Happy Reading 🙂

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